About Me

This is my form of therapy; a blog to deal with everyday life. If you don’t like what I have to say or don’t agree with my opinions, too bad. I kid! I kid! 
Here, I can write about what I want. There is no specific topic in mind for this blog.What a write, say and express is solely for myself and are my opinions. You don’t have to agree and I mean no disrespect to anyone. Whatever good you take from this comes from God and the mistakes are from me. So I apologize in advance.
A lot of what I have to say will probably refer to my religion: Islam. So please take that into consideration when reading my posts.
Please don’t leave annoying/rude/ignorant comments. I do not want to read your negativity. I only want to write my own =P 
Other than that, I’m a pretty nice person. =)
A little bit about me: female, Muslim, Pakistani, wife, mother, 25 years old, realist
Until next time….