Glossary of Terms

There will be times I may use Islamic terms in my post. I will always try to write the meaning within the post. However, I would like to add this glossary just in case anyone needs more clarification.


Ajar - reward
Akhira - Hereafter
Alhamdulillah - All praise to Allah
Allah - God
Assalamu Alaikum - Peace and blessings be upon you
Bismillah - In the name of Allah
Dua - Pray
Hijab - headscarf
Hijabi - a female who wears the headscarf
Inshallah - God willing (if God wills)
Jannah - Heaven, Paradise
Khushoo - devotion
Mashallah - What Allah wishes (used when praising something or someone)
Muslimah - Muslim Female
Niqab - face veil
Niqabi - a female who covers her face with a veil
pbuh - Peace and blessings upon him
Qayamah - Day of Judgment
Salah - 5 Daily Prayers
Subhanallah - Glory be to Allah
swt - Glory be to Him (Allah)